Notes from the Box

Some of you out there in stopmo-land may remember a very inspirational blog that vanished from the web a year or so ago. Yes I am speaking of course about "Notes from the Box" which was the passionately keyed stopmo ramblings of animator Misha Klein. Well- for anyone out there that might be wondering, the blog may be gone but Misha's project (previous known as "Bad Bullets") is in full production. What started in his little one room studio in San Francisco years back is now nearing completion in another cramped box here in Los Angeles. I've seen some of the most recent shots and all I can tell you is that fans of stop-motion are in for a treat. Misha is crossing over into some juicy acting zones and really putting it all into the performance. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Mish, check out the teaser scene for his film. Visit Misha's Web Site. The reading has paid off, he is definately following "The Way of the Actor". Keep rockin' it Mish!