A Trip at The Zoo

Don't you ever get tired of spending your weekends in the same old pubs, with the same old friends, telling the same old college stories? Last Saturday, I was pretty fed up myself so I decided to make a change. I chose to spend my day at the zoo! With biology classes being far behind me, I had to read something about some of these pretty awkward creatures before spending my whole day with them. There are some animal facts that will make you fear some of them while falling for the other ones: big or small, dangerous or friendly, they all have their own way of interacting with human beings. Well, you would never guess how happy I was to break my routine and make some new "friends". I wasn't able to buy them a beer or brag about my long time gone popularity but I did enjoy my time there. So, here's some funny stuff about animals I have discovered at the zoo!
Every animal resembles one of your friends, relatives or accountancies. It is not always at their advantage. Monkeys are mean, you cannot imagine what they are literally capable of doing in exchange for food and attention so thank God I came loaded with biscuits, bananas and good will. Giraffes are actually kind of fast (it wasn't the impression I was getting from old Marty, one of the animals in the Madagascar movies). It's enough to watch the lion sleep in order to be scared to death. Can't imagine what it's like when it's wide awake and roaring. Bears are big, really, really big. Before going to the zoo, I read about the differences between the African and Indian species of elephants. Well, I didn't understand what small elephant ears look like. They looked pretty big to me, even if the brother of Dumbo I saw was coming from India. You have to go to the zoo, it is not just a place for school trips. Animals can be pretty great to hang out with when you want to try something different. How about next weekend?