The Geek and Avery Character Poses

For this assignment, our character design teacher (Bob Jaques) assigned us to draw a nerd-type of character, without resorting to the standard clichĂ©s of the classic archetype. So, with that in mind, I went to every possible comic book shop (great gathering places for nerds, such as myself) and focused on what makes a nerd, well... nerdy. Believe it or not, the final image is a semi-caricature of a guy who works at "Big Pete's Comic Book Shop," which is located near the Lonsdale area. I find it funny that the guy was fat all over the place, which was something I wanted to emphasise for my design. Also, he had stocky legs which (sadly) I had taken out in the final design. Overall, Bob loved it (the man tits, especially) but he did give me notes for where I should improve it: Give him love handles, which wrap around the form of the subject. Define the pocket on the pants. Don’t make the shoes as graphic; think more solid shapes. Take note that his corrections are in black pencil. The second part of the assignment was to take one of the classes designs (I choose Gaston's beaver) and put it in two different poses: The character was angry, and is about to throw a punch & The character is hanging on a rope, 1000 feet in the air, and is clinging for his life. Critiques are most welcome.