Exciting Times Ahead

Look who's headed to Washington, the very own Mark Sanford. The media must be thrilled. They'll need to hire additional reporters to keep up with all the news coming from this guy. Wow, you have to wonder about the voters of South Carolina. Mark's election could spell trouble for the House GOP leadership. During his campaign the party leaders refused to spend money on his race and kept him at arm's length. He owes them nothing and he goes to Washington looking for a fight. He is vocal, stubborn and a fiscal conservative. House Speaker Boehner has made no secret of being less than thrilled at the return of Sanford to the House. Things may look cordial on the day of his swearing in but do not be deceived. He is expected to be a voice for the opposition. To put it bluntly, he will make Speaker Boehner's life hell. He's already made it clear he is not returning to Washington to make friends. He was a hell raiser in the House in the 1990s and has no plans to change. His goal will be to move from the House to the Senate or back into the governor's office of South Carolina in the future time. 

The House position is only a "start somewhere" position in this time. The extremist GOP House members have indicated they are happy to have Sanford's voting record back in the House, but they have refused to discuss if he will be welcomed into their inner circle. Jenny Sanford, expect to see more reporting on his relationship with ex-wife Jenny. In fact, his swearing-in may have to be postponed until next week as he has to appear in court on Thursday to answer trespassing charges filed against him by ex-wife Jenny. The Sanford family. He once had a family, four sons and a wife who ran all his campaigns. Maria Belen Chapur. Then came the affair and all the lying. Remember his Argentine mistress? She's now his finance he says. Expect a wild ride in the coming months with Mark Sanford in the House. This guy cannot keep his mouth shut or stay out of trouble. One more thing, if he says he's going hiking on the Appalachian Trail, don't believe him, don't believe him at all.