Trying to Quit Smoking

What I've been doing in the paste few weeks: Trying to quit smoking again 3 times... I have no words for how hard this is... Starting a new support group - anxiety support this time... I hate it... small, warm room with no windows and 10 people inside... awesome for 10 people who suffer from anxiety, don't you think?  Reading the latest news on and making graphics to keep myself amused when I should be doing more important things... I am the queen of procrastination... Cleaning the house... Left it way too long, again... Washing clothes... Discovering new music... In particular "Until We Bleed" by  Kleerup, "Undisclosed Desires" by Muse, "O Death" by Jen Titus and "Rock Of Ages" by Def Leppard (All inspired by Supernatural, of course, or Supernatural fanvids... "Rock Of Ages" was what was playing on the Impala stereo in the finale when Dean rocked up to face Michael and Lucifer - awesome song, and "O Death" was the song they played to introduce Death, the Horseman - haunting!). Re-watching Supernatural from the first season... again... you're surprised? To name a few. Nothing majorly unusual! That's it for now. Take care all!