Help Dogs get to Safety

I eat dinner cold almost every night. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband who makes dinner for me every night but too bad I eat dinner cold pretty much every night. Why? Well simple, I am a dog rescuer who is always taking care of dogs that someone else throws away like trash. I really wish people weren't so freaking selfish. Why is it that most people never stop to think how their actions are going to affect someone else? Seriously, I could have a less stressful life. The last three weeks have been so crazy at work. I have been slammed plus traveling for work so that is stressing me out. Being away from my computer for a day or days traveling really sets you behind. Then you have the rescue... so many emails from other rescues / shelters / volunteers trying to help dogs get to safety. There are so many dogs in need. Then you have the applications that we get which is a good thing but you have people who don't complete them in total and you have to go back and forth and back and forth. They get upset with you but what they don't understand is we have to process every application the same way and if they don't give us all the information then we can do that.
Thank goodness I have a great person who does the processing of the applications. I really don't know how I did it without her before... I wish there were more people that could help with things.. it is hard to find good people that are trustworthy, organized and motivated. I am lucky in the fact that most of my volunteers are this... I am always so busy, I don't have time to chase people down for answers, get them to do things that need done, ask them over and over again questions. It is just so frustrating when you feel like people don't think your time is valuable... The past two weeks have kind of been like that at work. I work in HR so everything is very process oriented and yet people always try to get around the process which causes more work for me and then those same people get frustrated when they can't get things done in a quick time. Ok, people it is simple... don't be stupid and things will run a lot more smoothly. I can't wait for the month of July to be over.... this month is crazy busy between work and the rescue. Maybe I can eat a hot meal in August.